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In comparison to punching, lasercutting produces a superior edge finish that
requires no de-burring or finishing, saving YOU time as well as achieving a faster
delivery time for us.

Local heat distortion is reduced, again reducing the amount of follow-on treament
of the material.

Superior intricate detailing work, etching & marking capabilities make lasercutting
an easy choice over other methods. Where precision is needed, lasercutting is
the ultimate answer.

A polished edge finish can be acheived on stainless steel, using a nitrogen assist
gas, giving this process yet another competitive advantage over other methods.

Taking these points on board is well and good, but the quality we produce lies
mainly in the skill and dedication of the individuals completing the projects.

The combined experience of our team brings added value to the table, allowing
us to:

Reverse Engineer products and designs

• Complete prototyping or large production runs

When Quality is ultimately the main requirement of any product purchased
by a customer, it is worth asking,

"Why Choose Lasercutting Over Other Profiling Methods?"
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