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Keeping up with the latest industry developments in technology allows
CNC Lasercutting to provide the high standards that we do, and keeps our competitive edge.

Computer controlled lasercutting is a process which due to reduced heat distortion offers a superior quality of product, without the traditional headaches of re-tooling and the exaustive and time consuming finishing processes. With laser technology, materials can be cut with reduced burring, and extreme precision and speed!
MILD STEEL                         
STAINLESS STEEL                 
Up to 20mm
Up to 10mm
Up to 10mm
Up to 3mm
Up to 35mm
Up to 20mm

Another aspect of our system is the use of Nitrogen Gas to be used on Mild Steel components, leaving no carbon build up and ensures a smooth powder coating.
Our state of the art machines have full CAD / CAM programming incorporated for easy upload of designs and accurate execution of cutting.
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Why not check with us through our 'Contact Us' page to ensure
we can use your file formats, or meet your exact requirements?
Discover how we can meet your time challenges
.dxf, .dwg & .eps file import capabilities.
Bystronic Byspeed
Operator terminal
Acrylics Aluminium Hot Dipped Galvanised Stell MDF Board Stainless Steel Mild Steel
We currently have 3 x 1.5m Dual Pallet machines which can operate with a new
HIGH SPEED CNC laser cutting system, which can handle a variety of materials, including:
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Overall, we are equipped, experienced and positioned to meet our clients needs and build a working relationship with them.
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